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AI Research Scientist Intern-FAIR Labs, Brain and AI (MSc, PhD) Responsibilities

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  • Type d'offre : EMPLOI
  • Ville : Paris (France)
  • Statut : en cours
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Jeudi 16 Février 2023

AI Research Scientist, Intern - FAIR Labs, Brain and AI (MSc, PhD) Responsibilities

  • Perform research to advance the science and technology of intelligent machines

  • Perform research that enables learning the semantics of data (images, video, text, audio, and other modalities)

  • Devise better data-driven models of AI system design and optimization

  • Contribute research that leads to innovations in:

  • Scalable machine learning systems,

  • Resource-efficient AI data and algorithm scaling and neural network architectures,

  • Memory and/or energy-efficient AI systems,

  • Environmentally-sustainable AI system and hardware designs,

  • AI-driven compiler, programming language, system design and optimization,

  • System design for privacy-enhancing AI technologies,

    Minimum Qualifications

    • Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining, a degree (PhD or Masters with relevant research experience) in Computer Science and/or Neuroscience or related fields

    • Must obtain work authorization in the country of employment at the time of hire and maintain ongoing work authorization during employment.

      Preferred Qualifications

      • Experience solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches

      • Ability to manipulate and analyze complex, large scale, high-dimensionality data from varying sources

      • Experience in utilizing theoretical and empirical research to solve problems

      • Ability to communicate complex research in a clear, precise, and actionable manner

      • Knowledge in Python

      • Experience building systems based on machine learning and/or deep learning methods