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Group leader | Neurobiology of olfaction

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  • Type d'offre : CDD 36 mois
  • Ville : Dijon (France)
  • Statut : Recrutement en cours
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Jeudi 13 Avril 2023



Neurobiology of olfaction

21000 DIJON

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INRAE presentation

The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAE) is a public research establishment under the dual authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Research. It is a community of 12,000 people with more than 200 research units and 42 experimental units located throughout France.

The institute is among the world leaders in agricultural and food sciences, in plant and animal sciences, and is 11th in the world in ecology and environment. INRAE’s main goal is to be a key player in the transitions necessary to address major global challenges. In the face of the increase in population, climate change, scarcity of resources and decline in biodiversity, the institute develops solutions for multiperformance agriculture, high quality food and sustainable management of resources and ecosystems.

Work environment, missions and activities

Nature and purpose of the research project to be developed and related activities:
This Junior Professor Chair will make it possible to maintain and consolidate the scientific leadership of the UMR CSGA in this central and very identity scientific field of the unit, which concerns the study of the sensory determinants of eating behaviors and their links to human health. The project may be part of sensory aspects related to molecular mechanisms, at the receptor level, or cellular aspects relating to questions of neuronal plasticity related to the olfactory, taste and nutritional environment, or the whole organism. . The project may also concern the cognitive determinants of eating behavior. The project will take into account the question of specific populations (infants, children, elderly people) in a developmental and aging process, including pathological (anorexia, obesity and neurodegenerative diseases), as well as food exposure and experiences. The project must therefore be part of a multidisciplinary and translational approach.

Nature and purpose of the teaching project:
The teaching project is part of two of the four regional axes (food systems and the use of sustainable resources; innovation and the remediation of socio-ecosystems in the context of global change) which brings together doctoral schools and masters, including one international masters (P2FOOD). The teachings of the Junior Professor will be part of this ecosystem where he will intervene (28 hours CM or 42 hours TD/TP) and will be sourced in students in the masters SCM (Cellular and Molecular Signaling, option "Neurosignalization") and the European alliance FORTHEM. Specialized neuroscience training is led by Professors from the University of Burgundy attached to the UMR CSGA. In addition, he will also benefit from the environment offered by the master's degree from the Institut Agro Dijon (specialization "Nutrisensas"). He will supervise doctoral students enrolled in the E2S doctoral school (Environment and Health) and will present his HDR in this same doctoral school, in the event that the recruited person does not yet have this diploma.

Funding and related resources:
Package ANR : ¤200 000
Autres financements : ¤216 400
Total : ¤416 400

Training and skills

PhD or equivalent

You must:
- have a PhD or foreign university degree judged equivalent
- have experience in the field of neurobiology of olfaction
- be motivated, have scientific and educational management skills
- propose pertinent methods with regard to the hurdles identified
- propose a research project with structuring effects within the laboratory and in keeping with the policy of the site

- be able to integrate research networks, in particular European
- be able to manage a team and find complementary resources to fund the project.
Post-doctoral experience, preferably abroad, of at least 3 years is desired

INRAE's life quality

By joining our teams, you benefit from:

- 30 days of annual leave + 15 days "Reduction of Working Time" (for a full time);
- parenting support: CESU childcare, leisure services;
- skills development systems: training, career advise;
- social support: advice and listening, social assistance and loans;
- holiday and leisure services: holiday vouchers, accommodation at preferential rates;
sports and cultural activities;
- collective catering.

International scientists, please visit your guide to facilitate your arrival and stay at INRAE.

Type of contract

Tenure-Track Junior Professor Chair is a new career route at INRAE. It enables the recruitment of scientists based on a research and teaching project that lasts three years. At the end of this period, and following an assessment of your scientific achievements and professional capabilities, you may obtain a full-tenure position as Research Director (DR2).

A research and teaching agreement will specify the path you will follow towards full-tenure and enable you to acquire the qualifications necessary to become a full-tenure Research Director in your field.

You have until April 21, 2023 to submit your application. Only candidates previously selected on file by the selection committee will be invited to the hearing.

How to apply

  1. I download the applicant guide Guidelines for applicants pdf - 4.03 MB
  2. I write down the profile number CPJ23-ALIMH-3
  3. I apply GO

Offer reference

  • Profile number: CPJ23-ALIMH-3
  • Corps: Tenure-Track Junior Professor Chair
  • Category: A

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