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Call for Team Leader in Montpellier, France

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  • Ville : Montpellier
  • Statut : Available
Date d'arrivée à l'ITMO : Vendredi 31 Mars 2023

Call for Team Leader in Montpellier, France


neurophysiology, neurodevelopment, plasticity






Working place: Institute for neuroscience of Montpellier (INM)

The INM aims at implementing fundamental and translational research to study the neurodevelopment, synaptic plasticity and integration, cognition, sleep-wake and neurodegenerative processes leading to disorders of the central and sensory-motor systems.

Research, from the molecular level to the integrated system, is conducted using cutting-edge technical platforms (functional analysis, stem cells and organoids, neurogenetics, proteomics, neurophysiology, biostatistics and epidemiology, photonic and electronic imaging). Our translational research is based on strong interactions with clinical services (neurology, ophtalmology, ENT). We benefit from the support of patient associations and interact constructively with industry.

The INM is seeking two junior and/or senior principal investigators wishing to join the INM to develop fundamental/translational neuroscience projects which enable interactions with current INM teams.

Junior Group Leader: Appropriate office and laboratory space for up to 6 persons/team will be available. Successful candidates must be within 10 years of their PhD degree and meet criteria for obtaining French institutional research positions (INSERM, University) as well as national and/or international starting grants. The selected candidates will receive a strong support for drafting the applications and rehearsing their interviews.

Senior Group Leader: Appropriate office and laboratory space for up to 12 persons/teams will be available. Successful candidates hold a permanent research position in France, or will have to be selected beforehand in Tenure-track position program (INSERM, University), and have funding for the upcoming years.

Applicants should send a CV with a list of publications, a 2-page summary of past research achievements and future projects, and contact information for three referees, before September 30th 2023 to direction.inm@inserm.fr

Short listed candidates will be invited on site for an interview. Installation is anticipated to occur between July 24 and September 2025.


Other  – Tenured position


30 SEP 2023


Please adress any question regarding the call to Dr Sylvain Lehmann, INM director : sylvain.lehmann@inserm.fr